There are countless numbers of customers out there in your
local community looking for the products and services that you offer.

These customers are “first come first serve customers.”

This means that these customers will go with the
FIRST business that they see offering your products and services.

This is literally business that is there for the taking and is passed up by businesses like yourself,
who may not understand why most marketing methods fail.

If you are already doing or have tried different forms of advertising or direct mail in the past,
you may not have gotten the results that you wanted and here’s why.

Here’s something that NO advertiser wants you to know.

The Environmental Protection Agency while monitoring the contents of land fills, has documented

45% of “junk mail” as NEVER OPENED and discarded into the trash UNREAD.

Using those outdated methods you will lose 45% of your investment and any possible results GUARANTEED.

Our competitors would prefer you weren’t aware of these statistics:

You pay for “exposure” inside thousands of homes and barely get that and they know this.

To add to that, they will put your business on page 16 of a packet or magazine
so the people that actually keep these magazines and coupon packs,
may end up flipping past the page your business is on
without ever seeing it at all!

How many consumers are actually seeing your business?  Nobody knows!

Our competitors “might send” to 10,000 or 20,000 and be happy.
But after that, they do nothing to GUARANTEE you get what you paid for.

You should be getting every single consumer that gets mailed to,
seeing and memorizing your business information.

To add insult to injury, the envelope and magazine guys regularly place
1 to 6 competing businesses inside their products!

You could be competing with 1 to 6 companies for the attention of any of these
“possible” customers that are left over after the ones that threw it out or flipped right past you!

Just 1 competitor reduces your chances of finding new business by 50%.

And 4 competitors reduces your chances by 80%.

Any company that places you into a competition for customer attention
does NOT care about you or your business.

You pay your hard earned money for a whole product, and a whole service.  Anything less is a failure.

Getting what you pay for is only fair.

You buy a dozen eggs there better be twelve eggs in that carton.

Going on a vacation?  Don’t let our competitors fuel the airplane… you wont make it.

This unusual business of “exposures” and “customers” is no different.
You pay for exposure to a certain number of homes, anything less than that is “bad business.”

We want to help you promote your business with real results  and with true and honest numbers.

Select Deals Local gets you more customers because
100% of the people we mail to ACTUALLY SEE your business.

If you have done advertising and marketing through coupon packs or magazines, don’t panic!

Select Deals Local has an amazing solution.

Our method will allow any business on our card to completely dominate all competitors,
having your business seen by consumers as THE place to go to for your products and services!

Select Deals Local is unlike any other piece of mail being sent out to consumers.

Select Deals Local cards are heavy duty 9″x12″ premium quality mail pieces
that are like billboards and are so much larger than any other piece of mail, they really stand out!

Select Deals Local pieces have full color printing and UV coating on both sides!

The quality of these pieces are superior to the pieces consumers are receiving in the mail.

Select Deals Local pieces are MUCH BIGGER, BRIGHTER and THICKER than any other piece of mail.



Select Deals Local pieces are built to stand out from ALL other pieces of mail!

If your business is on a Select Deals Local card,
you will never get lost

It’s the same as always being on the front page!

There is nothing to open and nothing to flip through
since Select Deals Local pieces are never sealed.

This means that EVERY SINGLE person will see your business
immediately upon retrieving their mail.

This is a premier form of advertising and the
ONLY kind that offers a 100% open rate.

Select Deals Local will feature your business in over 10,000 hyper local households

along hand-picked mailing routes within a 3-mile radius surrounding your business.

Every monthly issue of Select Deals Local goes out on the first of each month and we

provide every business on our card with both a receipt of delivery from the United States Post Office

as well as a copy of Select Deals Local delivered to an address of your choice for your records.

What you get with Select Deals Local


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Let your competitor waste money on radio and tv ads
while people listen to satellite radio and flip past the tv commercials.

Let your competitor spend money on magazines and newspaper ads,
while people throw them in the trash before they read them or even if they keep them,
they may end up flipping past the pages they are on, never even seeing their ads!

Let your competitor spend money reaching thousands of people
that don’t live anywhere close to their place of business!

It’s time to give all of those other forms of advertising a rest and go with something that works and does what you pay for.

Unfortunately not every business is going to be able to get in on this
because we only accept one business for each type of product or service on our cards. 

Our current promotion features
a special one-time introductory offer!

Shown above is our normal pricing for Select Deals Local spaces.

For first-time businesses we are offering a one-time only promotional introductory rate of

$149 for ANY ad space!!

This special introductory price will NOT be available to the public.

Our pricing is HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS less than anything else out there

and you are still getting the most effective form of advertising
with everything our competitors can’t give you.

All businesses that sign up for a spot on Select Deals Local
during this promotion will get to KEEP the promotional introductory rate
for as long as they are featured on our card!

As a part of this promotion, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the results
we will refund every single penny of your purchase no questions asked!

What other advertising service will offer this type of guarantee? Nobody!

If you give Select Deals Local a try and you aren’t 100% satisfied with the results
you’ll get free local advertising on us!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many homes will Select Deals Local mail to?

Select Deals Local will be sent out to over 10,000 ultra targeted homes in the immediate area surrounding your business.

How often are issues of Select Deals Local sent out?

Select Deals Local issues go out on the first of every month.

How does Select Deals Local select mailing/carrier routes?

Select Deals Local selects specific carrier routes based on household income, all within a 3-mile radius surrounding your business.

Do I get to pick my ad space?

As a part of this promotion, Select Deals Local will provide your business with the largest available ad space at the time you reserve your space.

How does the 100% money back guarantee work?

Of course we think that you’ll be beyond satisfied with the results, however if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, Select Deals Local will refund every penny of your purchase, no questions asked!

How do I know that my issue went out to the 10,000 homes?

Select Deals Local provides all businesses on our card with a receipt of delivery from the United States Post Office. You will also receive your own copy of Select Deals Local delivered to an address of your choice for your records.

How does it work?

By clicking on the “Reserve a space” button, you will be taken to a sign up page where you can provide us with basic information about your business. We will use this information to design a compelling ad to place on the next issue of Select Deals Local. As soon as you complete the sign up process, Select Deals Local will begin designing your ad and will submit a proof for your approval prior to going to print.

What if I already have my own ad?

You can submit your print-ready ad to be placed on Select Deals Local via our form on the next page. For best results all ad graphics should have at least 300 dpi resolution.

What about these other services offering circulation of 20 thousand homes and more?

If your business were always placed on the front page of every mailing going out to every single one of those homes with a 100% open rate while being a featured business as the Consumer’s Choice with zero competitors placed on those mailings, then there might be a basis for that comparison.

From an ROI perspective, if your business is featured in over 10,000 homes with a 100% open rate, a conservative response rate of 2% will bring you 200 new paying customers. By paying for a large and untargeted mailing that goes out to 20 thousand plus homes without even knowing the open rate, calculating response rates and ROI becomes like a shot in the dark. We play it by the numbers with our targeted mailings of Select Deals Local to provide businesses on our card with a positive ROI every single time no matter what. In the end, we want your business to have the largest response rate and the largest ROI possible.

Will you be offering larger distribution in the future?

Currently, Select Deals Local is looking to provide a targeted highly effective service for businesses that would like to increase their visibility and get new paying customers each month. We currently offer issues of Select Deals Local in different zip codes throughout the Capital Region, all reaching 10,000 homes per zone. If you would like to see the other zones that Select Deals Local reaches click

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